Conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Tallahassee with over 10,000sq feet of available space, Potbelly’s | The Painted Lady | The Garden are Tallahassee’s Downtown and College venues of choice.

Potbelly's Logo
Potbelly's Bar


Newly renovated with indoor and seating, 5 Bars and 12 TV’s, Potbelly’s in unmatched in quality of space or event potential in Tallahassee for your next social gathering.

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The Painted Lady Bar


With indoor and outdoor seating, 2 Bars and 10 TV’s, The Painted Lady offers all of the Amazing features of Potbelly’s for a more intimate setting.

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The Garden at Potbelly's

The Garden

Looking for a location for your big event? The Garden is unrivaled in Tallahassee for available space, quality of atmosphere and convenience of location. The Garden can host social events, private parties and tailgates, and major music showings year around.